Monitor Lift Cases for 55-75″ Displays

Monitor Lift Cases for 55-75” Displays

The Maxline monitor lift case may look much like any other lift case on the market, but there is a great deal of difference that is hidden. Under the foam in our monitor cases are springs and dampeners to allow movement of the lift and monitor in every direction. This helps eliminate damage to the monitors during shipping which is a common problem in both electric and mechanical lift cases since most have no shock mounting at all. Maxline monitor lift cases incorporate the Bald Technologies industrial grade electric lift columns.

Looking for the very best monitor lift cases for the safe transportation of sensitive equipment? Order Maxline Custom Cases for 55”-75” displays.

We use the heavy duty high capacity PS84 lift for the 84” to 90” monitors and the PS65 lift for the 55” to 70” monitors. We also offer a lift and tilt version. We use 8 bolt mounting arms to secure the monitor to the lift. Our ATA cases meet full airline transportation specs with all recessed hardware, heavy duty 4” locking casters, bottom edge guard, handling stencils, external power plug, cable access door, 6 way monitor shock mounting, storage compartment, heavy duty power strip with USB ports, full table top and heavy fabric wrap around display skirting. There certainly are less expensive monitor lift cases on the market but we put a lot more engineering and manufacturing time into our design. This is why we have the best monitor lift case on the market.

Surface Hub 55 with Table Top in Place

Surface Hub Lift Case with Fabric Cover

Surface Hub 55 Heavy Duty ATA Lift Case

Surface Hub 55 Heavy Duty 9 Point Mount

Monopad 65 Lift Case with Wrap Around Skirting

Infocus J Touch Lift Case with Monitor Raised and Table Top

Monopad 70 Heavy Duty ATA Lift Case

Monopad 70 Lift Case with Table Top